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How To Build an Emergency Savings Fund

Sudden expenses can hit you at any time, and they’re not always cheap. If it’s a home repair, a medical bill or something goes wrong with your car, you could be looking at hundreds of dollars or more that you’ll need to pay out of pocket. This is why it’s always smart...

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Interest Rates Can Be Your Worst Enemy. 4 Things To Know

What is Interest? Interest is the cost you incur for borrowing money from a financial institution. The amount you borrow is the principal amount, on which the interest is calculated, going by the current rates. A bank will usually offer two kinds of interest rates:...

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Guide to Finding the Best Mattress

The National Sleep Foundation suggests we change mattresses anywhere between five and 10 years. Experts also believe the determination should include factors like condition of the mattress or if you’re not sleeping well. Signs You Need a New Mattress If...

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When is a Debt Consolidation Program a Good Idea?

Millions of American consumers are buried in credit card and loan debt. The large emphasis placed on maintaining a positive credit rating often leads many to open too many accounts and spend more than they can afford. Due to high interest rates, credit cards that have...

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Where to Look for the Best Personal Loans

Are you in need of a large amount of money and you don’t have to time to save up? A personal loan is a great way to get the money you need in a fairly short amount of time. But not all personal loans are created equal. Here are the best ways to get one: Banks and...

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Debt Relief 101: When You Need Help

Debt Relief: Is It Right For You? An unprecedented percentage of the population is in debt; many people owe so much for their homes or student loans that they feel like they’ll never escape. Fortunately, there are several forms of debt relief that individuals...

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What Shakespeare Can Teach You About Life

William Shakespeare, or “The Bard” as he’s affectionately known to some, produced an incredible array of plays and sonnets; many people, however, think of his works as “old-fashioned”, or dry and unrelatable. However, if you’re...

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8 Signs You May Be Addicted To Alcohol and Need Rehab

It’s never easy to admit that you have a problem with alcohol. The toughest part about addiction is the way it slowly creeps up on you and becomes your normal routine. If you’re wondering about whether or not you’re addicted to alcohol, here are eight warning signs...

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