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It’s never easy to admit that you have a problem with alcohol. The toughest part about addiction is the way it slowly creeps up on you and becomes your normal routine. If you’re wondering about whether or not you’re addicted to alcohol, here are eight warning signs that indicate you could need rehab:

1. Using Drinking to Deal with Your Emotions

Alcoholics usually end up hooked on drinking because they use it as an emotional crutch. Maybe you drink when you’re feeling sad, or anxious or angry. If alcohol is how you handle times of difficulty, that’s a sign that you’re relying on it, which puts you on the fast track towards addiction.

2. Drinking When You Shouldn’t

Do you often push the envelope with your drinking? This could mean that you drink during or before work, or that you drink and drive. Whenever you drink even though it could cause severe consequences, that means that you’re making alcohol a priority over your quality of life.

3. Covering Up Your Drinking

Many alcoholics conceal the amount they drink so other people don’t know the extent of their addiction. If you’re drinking to the point where you need to hide it, then you’re probably drinking too much.

4. Impacting Your Everyday Life

When alcohol has a negative effect on your life at home, work or anywhere else, it has become a serious issue. Being unable to stop drinking even when it’s impairing your ability to handle your responsibilities shows that you are hooked.

5. Having a High Tolerance

If you drink alcohol frequently and in large amounts, your tolerance goes up and it takes more alcohol to have an effect on you. This usually means that you’re consuming alcohol far too often.

6. Getting Drunk on a Regular Basis

Many people get drunk on occasion, but when you’re getting drunk or blacking out every time that you drink, that shows that you aren’t able to regulate your alcohol consumption. You need to look at why you feel the need to drink to that excessive level every time.

7. Affecting Your Relationships

Has your drinking become an issue with your family, friends or significant other? If so, that shows that alcohol is becoming more important to you than those people, which is a serious issue. When people close to you feel that you have a drinking problem, that’s also a sign that you likely do have a problem.

8. Being Unable to Stop

Perhaps you or someone you know has seen that alcohol is affecting your life, and you’ve decided to stop drinking. If you can’t stop drinking even when you want to do so, that means you’re addicted to it and should seek professional help.

Having any of these warning signs indicates that you should take a hard look at your drinking and how much it’s affecting you. It’s also a smart move to look for rehab options, as this is a difficult addiction to beat on your own.